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Smart home monitoring becoming mainstream

Do you have an elderly loved one who you can’t check on as often as you would like? Are you aware of whether they are getting out of bed in the morning or if they are taking their medications regularly? If they have caregivers, are they performing their duties responsibly? We all worry when we cannot be there. 

Technology has advanced and made home monitoring a popular solution in residential elder care.  Many of the elder’s family and caregivers benefit from the varying elements of home monitoring such as: · Doctors can monitor activity levels and verify medicine usage as well as perform many of the diagnostic tests regularly done in the doctor’s office via a home monitoring system. · You can have a peace of mind and be assured your loved one is mobile and performing their regular routines and be informed when they’re not. · The resident  themselves can be reminded to follow their routine.

Check out this article from  Sunday’s Chicago Tribune discussing smart home technology and how it can benefit the elderly in our community. Many devices already exist to aid those in need.

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