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Master Bath Problem and Solution

I recently finished a beautiful master bath remodel. It's always fun to be able to help my customers turn a problem into a solution! Read on..


Our client wanted to remodel their 1960’s master bath. Although the bathroom was a decent size and included two separate closets, the space was poorly utilized; the 36” square shower basin was actually a bathtub as well.  Well, maybe a bathtub for a very small child or the family dog! The main room with the closets had a small vanity with a single bowl sink with no exhaust fan to keep the shower steam from the clothes. Our client  wanted a large walk-in custom tiled shower, which would be also a steam bath. Two separate vanities and a single large walk-in closet. Large enough for two users and heated floors to keep those toes warm on a chilly night. Solution Our solution was to steal a few feet from their spacious master bedroom for the walk-in closet and take over one of two 6-foot wide closets in the guest bedroom to make the shower more spacious. We were able to furnish them with all their needs and have a spacious bath where two can pass and comfortably use the bathroom at the same time. One way to keep within budget, the client prudently chose to build out the shower for use as a steam room, bring in the plunbing supply and drains and electrical service even though the steam system would be added the following year.

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