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Infinite Love, Energy & Happiness

While we live in a world where we all seem to want more, I am of the belief that each of us has a finite amount of energy. Of course, the amount of this energy varies based upon an individual’s age, diet, metabolism, lifestyle, overall health and other factors.  As we age, some of our energy levels seem to decrease over time.  Of course, making the appropriate food choices coupled with exercise and vitamins can stabilize these energy levels.

For many of our older population, a significant amount of their energy is dedicated to simply performing their daily routines in their home life.  Simple tasks that many of us don’t give a second thought to such as getting up from a chair or a bed; multiple trips up and down stairs; overhead reaching to get items out of cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom can exhaust seniors’ energy.

When thinking of low energy, a solution of conservation comes to mind. Imagine if your elderly or disabled parent, relative or friend could reduce the amount of energy used during their typical day, possibly by 30% or more. What could they do with that saved energy? Go dancing. Visit with friends. Walk in the park.  Spend more time on their hobbies?

What if their existing homes could become easier to manage, navigate and operate? Through proper and professional design and even a few simple home modifications barriers can be removed, vastly improving the functionality of their home.  Small changes can make a big difference to your elderly loved one as to how they can use their home and conserve their energy.

Simple improvements to a home can make both the elderly and the disabled exert a lot less energy. Home modifications such as brighter lighting, safe egress to and from the home, reducing the amount of stairs used can and easy access to areas can make a vast improvement to their quality of life.

Consider their current kitchen or bathroom.  Chances are that these rooms are not currently designed for ease of use.  A change in counter height can be a significant improvement for many users as well as converting a tub into a useful shower accessible to all.

What are you doing to help make your loved one’s homes easier to navigate and manage?

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