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Fun at the Pool!

Cabana storage cabinets Several years ago our clients had built a cabana beside their pool including a family size couch, exterior grade TV and two niches for future storage cabinets for their pool toys and life preservers, etc. Problem: They wanted the two cabinets to weather well in our summer’s hot & humid environment, and also would be protected from the harsh winter’s cold & dry elements. They must be very airy so stored items would dry and they had to match their existing poolside furniture. Solution: Our solution was to create two cabinets that could be broken down with out tools or skills, the Teak surfaces could be stored for winter with the other furniture while the stainless steel structural frame could remain outside all year with out rusting and staining their natural stone pavers. Each cabinet is basically a solid countertop and a front frame with doors in a lower slatted shelf for the stored items.

Since the existing furniture were gray and washed out it would be impossible to match so we washed and sanded them down to bare wood and re-oiled them by hand with three or more coats of Teak oil to replenish the woods natural oils and color. The new Teak, which is naturally oily to the touch, only required one to two coats.

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