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Architecturally Speaking gets Published!

Creative design by Jim Butz, Architecturally Speaking, to construct a built-in space for a flat TV in a restored farmhouse, is featured in an article in the March issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine, the premiere publication for carpenters and homebuilders. The design successfully blended modern technology with the existing 1940’s cabin character of the room, and integrated a variety of woods and stains to match the existing look.

Here is the articles comment on our project:

Is It Old or New?

When the owners of this 75-year-old farmhouse purchased a flat-screen television for their family room, they challenged architect Jim Butz to create a built-in entertainment center to match the room’s 50-year-old knotty cedar paneling. The unit was to be located perpendicular to the fireplace, along a wall that created a 6-ft.-long, 33-in.-wide closet. Butz was concerned that the wall did not contain enough space to house the 58-in. television, components, and storage areas, so he lengthened the wall by 31⁄2 ft. To match the paneling, Butz used the stock that lined the inside of the closet. His next challenge was to finish the wood taken from the closet to match the color and warmth of the room’s paneling. With many samples and a lot of trial and error, he was able to get a close match. The homeowners were thrilled with the results, especially because many of their friends can’t believe the built-in is not original to the room.

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