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Shoe Cabinetry

You don’t have to be Beyonce to have separate cabinetry for your shoes.


How do you elegantly store 40 pairs of woman’s shoes and a few tall boots when the current bedroom’s closets can't accommodate them?


The client’s original design intent was to have contemporary styled built-ins along the longer wall across from the bed. A TV and a fireplace would have been in the center with flanking cabinets on each side for the shoes. Through multiple design options, we discovered that any cabinetry on the long wall would make the room feel smaller. The space surrounding the TV and fireplace limited the capacity of the shoe cabinets dramatically.


The client had some inspiration from one of her favorite hotels in Paris that had closet cabinetry with mirrored French doors. She liked the look of freestanding cabinets but the reality of the space with the sloped ceiling, narrowness of a shoe cabinet, and the tall height necessitated it to be partially built-in. 


Ultimately, we were able to make room for 50-60 pairs of shoes, 10 tall boots, 10 purses and four drawers for many of her accessories. The next phase of the project is to create a custom designed, standalone console below the bay window incorporating an electronic fireplace. We consider the fireplace to be a more of an element of ambiance that a focal point.


Shoe Cabinetry





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