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Concealed Gun Display

This exterior of the cabinetry was designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding bookcase and paneling of a Cotswold style home. The exterior woodwork is Black Walnut, twice bleached, stained, finished and waxed to match the existing color, tone and finish.

The interior cabinetry is a combination of a vibrant and exciting Zebra Wood and fine leather wrapped steel panel and cushions. The steel plates provide for security as well as magnetic surface for the individual hand gun mounts.

The various sized compartments in the upper drawers showcase the collector's hand gun collection. The deeper lower drawers allows for bulk storage of hand guns and ammunition. The tall vertical sections are for the collector's rifle collection. The center tower showcases the best of the collection and are individually lit by led lighting.

This cabinetry was designed to showcase and secure the collector's gun collection. There is room for over 100 items and accessories. The cabinetry is fully armored and secured by professional level security locking systems. 


Gun Cabinet


Glencoe, IL



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