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Entertainment Center

Is it old or is it new? 

For the entertainment center project, the clients wanted to upgrade to a large screen TV and surround sound components in the family room of a 1930’s farmhouse but without altering the character of the vintage heavily paneled room. The room had a small impractical narrow and deep closet. The closet space, when extended would make for enough room for a large TV, component cabinet and a series of varying size drawers to accommodate CD’s, DVD’s, card games and most importantly a large volume storage for blankets and board games. Left over space above the pull out drawers and behind the TV would allow a person to enter and comfortably make the multitude of wiring connections needed for modern components initially and in the future.

The finishing required a great deal of trial and error to find the right color; tone and hue to match the existing wood work. Many guests had commented that it looked all original and they couldn’t believe carpenters back then would have built drawers compartments in this modern way. They were correct!

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TV room 





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