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Cabinetry, Carpentry, & Construction Consulting 

Architecturally Speaking is a multi-disciplinary construction firm specializing in fine custom cabinetry, interior carpentry, residential remodeling, and home safety modifications since 1991. 


Screened in porch addition to 1930's farmhouse in suburban Northbrook. It is large enough to entertain 8 people comfortably for conversations or dinner.

Embellish a 1980's simple great room with some scissor trusses to add visual interest and bring the room down to a human scale.

This project was designed to access a loft landing where there was not enough room for a normal horizontal run of stairs. The clients entertained the idea of a ladder but figured access coming down would be more difficult. A spiral stair would have worked but was considered too common and an over-used solution. 

nb chamber.jpg
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